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Our goal is to provide pets with specialized cannabinoid medicines to maintain, improve, or extend their quality of life.

Canopy Animal Health

The endocannabinoid system is a basic regulatory system found in all companion animals. Disruptions in the endocannabinoid system can result in medical conditions that can be traced to environmental traumas, infectious diseases, autoimmunity, nutritional imbalances, aging, and breed/genetic-related susceptibilities. While the existence of cannabinoids has been known for centuries, the concept of using naturally occurring cannabinoids as therapeutics for companion animals is a new forefront of medical discovery.

Canopy Animal Health is establishing the safe and effective use of highly purified, pharmaceutical grade, natural cannabis extracts and formulations to treat medical conditions of cats, dogs and horses. Canopy Animal Health is working with the global veterinary community to establish appropriate dosing regimens for select conditions and diseases of companion animals.

Our Corporate Objective

The creation of safe and effective therapeutics derived from naturally occurring resources is the goal of Canopy Animal Health

The Team

Bruce Linton

Founder, Chairman and Cheif Executive Officer

Mr. Linton is the founder of Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) and co-founder of Tweed Marijuana Incorporated. Canopy Growth was the first cannabis producing company in North America to be listed on a major stock exchange (TSX, July 2016) and included on a major stock index (S&P/TSX Composite Index, March 2017). Bruce's experience as a founder, CEO, and Board member across a wide variety of enterprises has influenced the positive start of Canopy Growth, which to date has enjoyed market support for capital raises of over $625 million including a $245 million investment by Fortune 500 beverage company, Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ).

Bruce's focus has been driving the Company's overall strategy including its Canadian and international expansion efforts as well as laying the groundwork for the Company's future move into cannabis-based consumer products including cannabis-based medicines, with the founding of subsidiary Canopy Health Innovations, and into cannabis-based beverages, through a strategic partnership with Constellation Brands. Bruce has led six M&A transactions valued over $500 million total since founding CGC. After beginning his career at Newbridge Networks Corporation, he has since held positions that include General Manager and Re-Founder of Computerland.ca, President and Co-Founder of webHancer Corp, and part of the establishing team at CrossKeys Systems Corporation. He was also part of the leadership team for the NASDAQ/TSX initial public offering at CrossKeys. He is the past Chairman of the Ottawa Community Loan Foundation past Board Member and Treasurer of Canada World Youth, past Board of Governor for Carleton University, past President of the Nepean Skating Club, and past President of the Carleton University Students Association.

Chris Schnarr, ICD.D


Mr. Schnarr is the Managing Director of Lorian Group Inc., a strategic and capital markets consultancy. Mr. Schnarr has 25 years of experience founding, managing, and advising growth companies, including strategy, corporate finance, capital markets, corporate development, M&A, financial reporting, and governance. His functional experience across executive positions spans Treasurer, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, President, and Chief Executive Officer. His broad industry experience includes technology (hardware, software, and services), communications, agriculture, food processing and food ingredients, financial services, healthcare, and sustainability. Mr. Schnarr has 25 years of public company Board experience across TSXV and TSX listed companies, as well as extensive committee experience. He is presently on the Board of Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED) as Chair of the Audit Committee and a member of the Governance and Compensation Committee, and VitalHub Corp. (TSXV:VHI) where he is also the Chair of the Governance and Compensation Committee and a member of the Audit Committee.

Mr. Schnarr holds a Masters in Business Administration (finance) from University of British Columbia (1990), and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a Minor in Economics, from Wilfrid Laurier University (1989). He is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, a graduate of the Directors Education Program at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto, and holds the ICD.D designation.

Marc Wayne


Marc Wayne is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in starting and operating new ventures. Since leaving graduate studies at the age of 23, Marc has been involved in many new and leading industry sectors. This includes co-founding Northumberland Springs Water Company in 1989, co-founding OAM Computer Group - one of Canada's top 100 technology resellers - in 1994, and becoming a founding investor and Board member of Lasoo.com, a leading provider of spatial software ASP services, whose technology was purchased by Yahoo in 2001.

In 2012 Marc co-founded Bedrocan Canada Inc (Bedrocan), one of the first federally licensed producers of medical marijuana and took the company public in 2014. In 2015, Marc successfully sold Bedrocan to Tweed Marijuana Inc. a key transaction that led to the formation of Canopy Growth Corporation. Canopy Growth (WEED:TSX) is now the largest marijuana producer in the world. Considered a pioneer in the medical cannabis space, Marc was also instrumental in developing the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids. (CCIC). The CCIC is a registered nonprofit organization established to promote evidence-based research and education concerning the endocannabinoid system and therapeutic applications of endocannabinoid and cannabinoid agents. Since its inception in 2007, the CCIC has become a global innovator in education and research on medical uses of cannabis. Marc is also Founding Chair of Cannabis Canada Association.

Marc currently sits on the Dean's council at Queen's University Faculty of Arts and Science, and is also a former Board member and Alumni President for the Toronto French School, Canada's largest independent school.

Marc Wayne

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Dana Vaughn, PhD

Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer

Dana is an industrial pharmacologist with drug development experiences for veterinary and human applications. Over his career, he has participated in four successful NDA approvals for therapeutics in the fields of immunology, oncology and neurology. Since 2012 he has been the CSO for two Veterinary companies, Insight Animal Health, Inc. and Rapamycin Holdings, Inc where he was responsible for all drug product designs, manufacturing, preclinical and safety studies, efficacy trials, regulatory submissions, and presentations to the CVM/FDA. The companion animal fields of use included neurology, immunology, oncology and pet sterilization in both dogs and cats.

Dana was formerly a Director of Autoimmune Therapeutics for Genzyme, in Boston, where he led global development efforts for the use of antibodies for treatment of autoimmune diseases that led to US and EMA drug approvals for use of LemtradaTM (Campath®) in Multiple Sclerosis. Prior to that he served as the Director Medical Affairs at Ilex Oncology, San Antonio, where he was involved in obtaining 2 FDA approvals for the use of Campath® for the treatment of refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in adults, and for the use of Clolar®(Clofarabine®) for the treatment of pediatric Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Dana was a Tenured Associate Professor in the Scott Ritchey Research Center in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, where for 10 years he led a small animal focused Medicinal Biochemistry Research group that interfaced daily with clinicians, their patients, and related research programs in the Small Animal Clinic.

Dana earned his PhD in Neuropharmacology from the College of Pharmacy, The University of Texas at Austin where he was trained in drug development for Schizophrenia and Parkinson's Disease. He was awarded a Wellcome Fellowship and for 3 years served as an industrial post-doctoral Fellow in the Neuropharmacology Department of the Burroughs Wellcome Company, RTP, NC, where he was trained in the rigors of drug development for diseases of the central nervous system. He has a Master's degree in Plant Physiology that led to his interests in naturally-expressed pharmaceutical drug products.

Donald Schwartz

Don Schwartz joined Merck & Co., Inc. as a manager of global marketing communications, rising to his roles as an Executive Director of both Merial's and Boehringer Ingelheim's Animal Health US Business Operations with responsibilities for business development, market research, regulatory affairs, customer care, veterinary technical solutions, public affairs, communications and business analytical functions. In between, he gained extensive experience in marketing, A&P, product management, finance, contract negotiations, distribution, manufacturing, media management, packaging development, trademark development and distribution among other business skills. Don was instrumental in the launch of several of his company's landmark products including IVOMEC, HEARTGARD and FRONTLINE PLUS. He recently led the development of the OraVet line of oral care products.

Don has been the head of a successful advertising and communications agency specializing in pharmaceutical and technical products. He has several books to his credit, including Genus Bos: Cattle Breeds of the World, the standard reference on the subject. He earned an undergraduate degree in Biology from Union College in Schenectady, New York, did graduate work in Biochemistry at Columbia University and CUNY, and has an MS in Management from CUNY.