Dr. Mark Ware

EPIC Consulting – Lead Clinical Consultant

Director of Clinical Research, Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit, McGill University Health Centre; Associate Professor, Depts. of Family Medicine and Anesthesia

Dr. Ware is highly regarded as internationally renowned expert in cannabis/cannabinoid research, who practices pain medicine at the Montreal General Hospital and the CLSC Ouest de L’Isle. He teaches clinical pain management, including pharmacology, complementary approaches to chronic pain and the neurobiology of pain. His research focuses on the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of cannabis and cannabinoids in pain and symptom management. His educational work is focused on improving pain education at all level of the medical curriculum (undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education). Dr. Ware has received research funding from the CIHR and salary support up the level of chercheur-boursier clinicien senior from the FRSQ. He is also Executive Director of the non-profit Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC) and recently served as vice-chair of the Canadian Government task force that is providing guidance to the Canadian government as it prepares to introduce legislation to legalize cannabis.

Matthew Rappaport

Lead Intellectual Property Advisor

Matthew Rappaport Co-founded IP Checkups (IPC) in 2004 to help companies align their patent strategy with their business objectives. Matthew developed a proprietary methodology for assessing the relationships between competitive patent portfolios. Then, he spearheaded the development of a software platform for managing and monitoring competitive patent information.

He has managed hundreds of patent landscape analyses, market research, IP strategy, and valuation projects for large and small corporate clients, start-ups and investors.
Matthew serves as the industry liaison to the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership at the University of California, Berkeley. Since 2010, Matthew has been selected as a member of the IAM Strategy 300, a list of the world’s leading IP strategists.

Steve Krawczyk

Lead Intellectual Property Advisor

Steve Krawczyk joined IP Checkups in 2013 to co manage the development and operations of the life sciences IP consulting business segment. He contributes his experience in pharmaceutical research, development, commercialization and IP analytics to provide clients with an understanding of the competitive advantages manifested by their, or their competitors’ IP portfolios.

Steve earned his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Michigan in 1989 in the lab of Professor Leroy Townsend. Steve’s research focused on the synthesis of antiviral nucleosides. Steve joined Gilead Sciences in 1989, working on adapting unnatural nucleoside analogs as synthons for the construction of antisense and triplex forming gene silencing agents and as antiviral agents. During this time, his work resulted in over 50 peer reviewed publications, patents and presentations.

Using the patent searching and analyses skills acquired leading medicinal chemistry initiatives, Steve joined the IP department as a patent searcher and analyst supporting product attorneys with patent and scientific literature searching to aid patent drafting and prosecution, as well as performing FTO and patentability searches. Additionally, Steve continued to consult advise project teams on design around strategies based on patent landscape and SAR analyses. He eventually became head of Patent Informatics in 2006 managing the patent search group and providing patent landscape searches in support of M&A and partnering diligence. In this role, Steve not only helped develop IP strategy for innovator drugs, but also supported the diligence process for clearing the use of generic components of novel combination agents.

While at Gilead, Steve earned his MBA in 2008 through Golden Gate University, graduating with high honors. He obtained his JD in 2014 from Santa Clara University, where he was Senior Production Editor of the Santa Clara Law High Tech Law Journal.

Mark Bosse, PHD, JD

Intellectual Property Expert

Prior to joining IP Checkups in 2017, Mark Bosse was Vice President, Intellectual Property for Gilead Sciences, Inc. In this role, Mr. Bosse managed all aspects of intellectual property practice at Gilead. Mr. Bosse joined Gilead in 1993, and was promoted to Vice President in 2003, where he was responsible for intellectual property and competitive Intelligence services. In addition, working in partnership with Gilead’s General Counsel, Mr. Bosse worked to open drug access for Gilead’s HIV/AIDS drugs in the least developed world.

Prior to joining Gilead, Mr. Bosse was an attorney at Syntex Corporation. In this role, Mr. Bosse’s practice focus was patent preparation and prosecution for the Syva Diagnostics business unit.

Mr. Bosse received his J.D. from Golden Gate University Law School, his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from University of California at Berkeley and his bachelor’s degree from Lewis and Clark College.