Executive Management

Marc Wayne

President and Chief Executive Officer

See Board of Directors.

Rami Batal, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Batal is a driven and accomplished professional in the life sciences and healthcare industry with particular interest and expertise in the development and commercialization of innovative (bio)pharmaceutical products and technologies.

In his most recent executive role, Dr. Batal was Vice President, Business Development, of Purdue Pharma Canada (Purdue), where he was responsible for the development and execution of the company’s external product acquisition strategy in therapeutic areas of interest, including pain, central nervous system disorders (CNS: both psychiatry and neurology), cancer supportive care, and over-the-counter and natural health products, culminating with landmark transactions (deals) which have expanded Purdue’s product offering. During this tenure, Rami served as a member of the Executive Leadership Team, reporting to the President and CEO. He led a multidisciplinary effort and worked collaboratively with counterparts in other Purdue/Mundi regions, including the US, EU, and Asia Pacific and emerging markets on multiple areas of interest inclusive of controlled substances and scheduled medicines, as well as a targeted exploration of the medical cannabis environment and technologies in Canada and other geographies.

Prior, Rami had 15 years of experience in product development, opportunity evaluation, business development, and strategic marketing in life sciences, particularly in the (bio)pharmaceutical industry where he worked with top 10 multinational pharmaceutical companies, specialty pharmaceutical companies and start-ups (biotechs) in North America, the EU and emerging markets as a senior advisor and resident manager. He worked both with ISO (now Monitor/Deloitte) in New York City and SHI Consulting (now Shift Health) in Toronto. His work saw him and team screen, identify, prioritize and evaluate hundreds of products, product candidates in clinical and nonclinical development and technology platforms. Dr. Batal’s experience spans a broad range of therapeutic and disease areas, including (in addition to the aforementioned CNS and pain) oncology, infective diseases and vaccines, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, respiratory, dermatology, urology, and rare diseases. Also, in his resident manager role, he co-founded and oversaw the growth of Axon BioHealthA specialty health product company with focus on international markets, including the sourcing, registration with health authorities and commercialization of a range of products in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Dr. Batal earned his PhD in Experimental Medicine from McGill University, in affiliation with the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, and his MBA from Concordia University. He is a professional Pharmacist who continues to practice regularly in the community setting in Canada. Such clinical and patient care exposure affords him a first-line view of treatment and disease management paradigms, including the increasing prominence of payors and their impact on clinical decision making. He has held an Adjunct Professor position with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Toronto between 2009 and 2014.